I’m ceri.

Oh, hey there.

Wife, mom, cat guardian, storyteller, photographer. I’ve been photographing those madly in love for over a decade and still love every moment of it.
I believe in documenting all of those in-between moments. The ones where you and your partner laugh because you both swore you wouldn’t cry. Or the quiet moments right after you’re officially hitched.
My experience, background in customer service, and positive attitude will allow you to be fully present on your big day. I am your advocate, your cheerleader, and passionate about ensuring that you truly have the best day ever.

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

I am a coffee lover, light chaser, and extroverted introvert. I find joy in being surrounded by family and friends, and relish the quiet moments of reading or aimlessly scrolling on my phone. I love consistency and feeling organized. I have been known to order the same drink from Starbucks for months and can never seem to pass up random household organization systems or most anything relating to cats.

I met my husband online – long before the days of dating apps – and we fell in love through out shared passion of running. We’ve been married since 2017 and have one kiddo and two cats. Our home is messy, full of cat fur, and lots of running gear.

You can find me working at my dental practice when not behind the camera. I love being able to help people achieve their best dental health and believe that my patient relationship skills transfer well into caring for my clients and their families. My passion is to be of service, helpful and kind.

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I’m Ceri. Photographer and storyteller based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Passionate about emotional images over perfection. Coffee drinker. Light chaser.