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“Eget enim ornare condimentum nibh congue at pulvinar egestas vel. Rhoncus enim orci et platea. In aliquam lacus, ut nulla mattis. Turpis ipsum cursus morbi sem nulla dolor. Aenean scelerisque lectus amet, quis condimentum. Amet velit neque, blandit nunc facilisi sed. Molestie et posuere eget nulla enim facilisis aenean”.

- Niky Studenski, Oh Snappy Days

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packed and ready to be of service

Hey. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm Ceri, like the iPhone. Photographer, light chaser, mom, cat lover. Wife to a pretty swell person. Coffee obsessed, and yes, I will text you for your coffee order before I head out to our venue for the day.

I love being an additional photographer, a second set of hands, and a runner to ensure that your clients have everything they need. Water bottle? Check. Snack? I'm on it. Need an extra towel to dry off that bouquet? I'm here.

Second shooting

Associate photographer

I'm happiest when I am helping others and making their day a bit easier. One of my former employers talked about the value of making someone's day, and that philosophy has stuck with me through different parts of my work life. My mission as your second photographer is to ensure that you are able to get the images you need. I'm happy to take direction, switch to your preferred lens, or take off and capture all of those candids during cocktail hour. Need help wrangling family? I'm here.

I've had the pleasure of photographing for a handful of great Twin Cities wedding photographer as their associate. From intimate weddings to large celebrations, I've covered the majority and enjoy all of the nuances that make each event special. As a representative of your brand, I ensure that the images taken and my professionalism are what your couple will remember.




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